Dream Maker “Decor” lighting enhances the beauty and elegance of any space! Uplighting, Monogram projection on the wall or dance floor, Pattern Washes on the walls, and PinSpotting on the centerpieces and cake are the most popular lighting services. You can choose from a variety of subtle and elegant upgrades to the conventional monogram, such as making it digital, full color, and even animated! Select lights for the Grand Entrance, Dinner, Dance, and other special occasions, then transform your space into an unforgettable experience.

Packages we Offer

DJ, Dance mixings, Photo booth, VJ, Soundtrack and more.

North / South Indian Food, Indo-Chinese Food etc.

Wedding Sofas, Maharaja Sofas, Modern luxury sofas & more..

Wedding / Reception Stages, Sweet 16 Stages & More

Cinematography, Outdoor Site, Short Movies & More..